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If you are having problems with any of our Logo Games or Logo Quizzes. Here are some common solutions.

Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is required for all Guess The Logo Games and Quiz Games. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, our site will not function properly.  For help enabling JavaScript on your browser, see this Step By Step Guide to Enabling JavaScript. It’s easy, we promise.

Update Your Browser

It’s best to have your browser updated to the latest version. Keeping your browser current will help keep your browsing experience secure. Updating will also keep you current on the latest browsing technology. Currently Guess The Logo Games and Quizzes support all the major browsing software. Including IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and most modern mobile devices.

To update your browser, use the links below to update your browser to the most current release..

Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes the data on a page may need a little help staying current. If you are having problems with one of our games or quiz games, try clearing your browser cache. If you need instructions on how to clear your browsers cache, see this great resource on Clearing your Browsers Cache.

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