Logo Quizzes

Test your logo quiz knowledge in one of our free online logo quizzes. We hand create educational and fact based logo quiz games.
  • Cookie Logo Game

    Beer Logo Quiz

    10 Questions. Match the fake beer brand to the movie or show it has been seen in.

  • Fast Food Logo

    College Logo Quiz

    10 Questions. Guess the correct sports college logo symbol to the university.

  • Logo Flag Quiz

    Flag Quiz

    15 Questions. This educational quiz is based on the flags of the world countries. Match the flag to the orgin of the logo.

  • Logo Artist

    Logo Artist Quiz

    10 Questions. test your logo design history by matching the logo artist to the logo they designed.

  • Logo Font

    Logo Font Quiz

    10 Questions. Match the presentedlogo letter symbol to the correct logo.

  • World Series Logo

    World Series Quiz

    20 Questions. Guess the World Series team winner based on the MLB World Series logo shown.

  • Logo Symbol Quiz

    Logo Symbol Quiz

    10 Questions. Based on the partial logo shown, guess which brand is the logos real brand.

  • Web Logos Game II

    Car Logo Quiz

    40 Questions. A real test for the auto fanatics. Match the car brand to the logo shown.